Box Storage Rules for GU Data

You’ll have unlimited space to store your Public, Private, and Restricted Georgetown-related documents and files.

Check below to find out if you can store your data in Box.

Data Types Allowed in Box


  • Academic Programs
  • Course Schedules
  • Event Calendars


  • Donor Agreements
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Rank & Tenure Date


  • SSNs
  • Breach Law
  • Identified Human Research Data

Data Types Not Allowed in Box

  • PCI (Restricted)

As noted above, public, private and restricted data can be stored in Box. Examples of these data include academic programs, course schedules, event calendars, donor agreements, performance evaluations, rank and tenure date, social security numbers, breach law, identified human research data, and HIPAA. PCI (Payment Card Industry) data may not be stored in Box.

Please see the security office pages for more information.