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We are proud to introduce three exciting tools to support your file sharing needs — Box Web, Box Mobile, and Box Sync.

Box is a file sharing and storage service that enables you to securely store your documents "in the cloud" and to access those documents anywhere you can connect to the Internet. You can also share your documents with any of your classmates or colleagues.

All active Georgetown credit students, as well as the faculty and staff of the Main Campus and the Medical Center, receive Box accounts for as long as they maintain at least one of those affiliations with the university.

With Box you can:

  • Store documents securely "in the cloud".
  • Access your documents anywhere, any time — and on any computer or device.
  • Share documents with others.
  • Collaborate with others within and outside Georgetown.
  • Sync your documents between Box and your computer or mobile device.

You can use Box on a Mac or Windows computer, as well as on a mobile device (iPhone, Android, Windows).

To start enjoying Georgetown Box, complete a simple, one-time setup process to activate your account.