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Box News

GUShare - Box Migration - We will conduct a bulk migration of files for all remaining GUShare users. This migration will automatically move your files/folders from GUShare to Box, streamlining the migration for you. Please note that after the 13th of December, you will not have access to GUShare.

New Preview Experience - We have rolled out the new preview experience to all users. As a reminder, when users get the new preview, the file ‘liking’ feature will be removed. Currently, printing from the file preview page is not available, but we will be adding that support in the coming weeks.

Box Sync 4.0 - This upgrade is now available to all users as the default download version on the website. We plan to start auto-updating existing Sync 3 users to Sync 4 in January.

Product Information


Box Web-
Access by pointing any browser to

• Secure place to store your Georgetown files (HIPAA/PHI approved!)
• Simply use Georgetown NetID to login (No additional password to remember)
• Alternative to confusing email exchanges in the box collaboration and comments tools
• Access to files from any location!
• Outstanding Sharing Features
• Drag & Drop capabilities
• Real time notifications

Box Mobile- Access by downloading the box app to your mobile decvice

Need to upload and share plans, presentations or other critical content while you're out and about – at home or at the airport? Box mobile provides access to all your box files.
• Organize files into folders, for a whole new level of organization and collaboration
• Invite members of the Georgetown community to your folders, allowing all of you to work on a project or share your latest updates
• Conveniently browse through and view all your content from anywhere, on any device. See the latest versions of recently updated files while you're on the go.
• Send a file, even folders of files, just by emailing a link with a few taps


Box Sync
- access by downloading for Windows and Mac

With Box Sync, you can work on files on your desktop or laptop computer, and then have those files (and any changes you make to those files) replicated to your Box account and any other devices running Box sync.

Please keep in mind that the Box Sync tool is not optimized for sharing files with others, nor does it keep previous versions at the moment. So, it is best to only use the Sync tool to manage a folder across all of your own, personal devices, and to use the Web and mobile interfaces to manage any files you expect to share with others.

To discover more about Box Sync, feel free to go to our frequently asked questions page at


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