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Box News

GUShare - Box Migration - We will conduct a bulk migration of files for all remaining GUShare users. This migration will automatically move your files/folders from GUShare to Box, streamlining the migration for you. Please note that after the 13th of December, you will not have access to GUShare.

New Preview Experience - We have rolled out the new preview experience to all users. As a reminder, when users get the new preview, the file ‘liking’ feature will be removed. Currently, printing from the file preview page is not available, but we will be adding that support in the coming weeks.

Box Sync 4.0 - This upgrade is now available to all users as the default download version on the website. We plan to start auto-updating existing Sync 3 users to Sync 4 in January.

How Do I ...
  • How do I work with others on a file at the same time?
  • Seamless integration with Google Documents safely allows many people to work on the same file at the same time.

  • How do I share a folder with someone who does not have a Georgetown Box account?
  • You can share folders with people who do not have a Georgetown Box account, as long as they have another type of Box account ... including Free Personal Box accounts.

  • How do I ask an additional "How do I..." question?
  • Simply Email your question to and we'll answer you straightaway; we'll also look at expanding this page to include those answers for everyone.

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